where is the solidarity?

According to my Miriam Webster dictionary, solidarity is defined as a feeling of unity between people who have the same interests, goals, objectives, standards etc.

common interest, objectives, and standards, but my question is:  where are those common factors among our nations?Africa-Africa, America-Africa, Europe-Africa, Africa-Asia, Europe-America? and so on…

one of a BBC reporter once said that that “Kenyan is a hotbed of a terror attack”, “indeed it was in the recent years”, how many death and burial has Kenyan gone through as a nation? the most recent that killed over 147 comrades in Garissa. Kenya received messages of condolences from friends nations and neighboring countries.that was good,..

in the year 2013 Kenya faced another attack that killed more than 67 people including kids and a pregnant woman at the wastegate attack, the Kenyan government received condolences messages. that was good,..

in my beloved country D.R.C according to the “enough website =” project to end genocide and crime against humanity over 5.4 million dead in the last decade; to my little math, statistically  360,000  death per year in 15 years, over 900 deaths daily in that period of 15 years.

in Nigeria, Syria, just to name a few people are dying due to the terror attack, and no seems to care; a day after the stories ends.

am not attacking anyone or any nation neither any company but I would like some clear explanation, on why, when it comes to African nations in pain there’s limited solidarity between our nations, going back to Kenya both Garissa and wastegate attack, I didn’t witness  any worldwide leaders  gathering in Nairobi to mourn with leaders of Nairobi.

in Congo when innocent villagers died in Mutarule massacre, none of the leaders sent even a condolences message to the government of Congo,.

According to a report by Africa news  A total of 38 people were killed on the night of June 7 in Mutarule locality, South Kivu province, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), an official source has confirmed. Fifteen people were burnt to death in a fire that was started by unknown assailants in a church. just to mention that.


francehere is my concern of this article, why Facebook did not use the Kenyan flag to show solidarity with the Kenyan people in the attacks that faced the country?, why did Facebook not use the DRC flag to show solidarity with over 5 million deaths?, why did Facebook did not use the Nigerian flag to show solidarity with that nation? And why has it used the French flag to show solidarity? I may be ignorant to the matter that’s why am asking this.

I loved the way that the entire world shows solidarity with hashtags(#bringBackOurGirsl, #prayForKenya, #PrayForParis, #JeSuisCharlie,etc) its a sign of solidarity and let us dwell in that as human beings.

Why is it when it comes to powerful countries, such as America, France, etc are under pain everyone seems to be a deep concern?, when Charlie was attacked worldwide leaders traveled to France to sympathize with Paris, when it comes to African countries telegram are sent into their offices.

its time as young youth thinks on the matter before its late, the small things we see can transform our lives or make them worse in our nations

My deepest condolences to families loved ones of all those who lost their members in Paris attack, and my prayers go with the nation of France. Not forgetting my brothers and sister died in Asia, America and my mother Land Africa.

peace in Africa,

Peace in America,

peace in Asia,

peace in Europe,

peace in Australia.



African youth

Fellow brothers and sisters of 53 great countries that form our continent Africa called the cradle of Humanity. Our future belongs in Africa and this is the reason I am writing to you.

Close up of world map with detail of African continent. Focus centered on Golf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean

Indeed, We all want to live a bright future, a future where will have to drive our cars when we reach 18, a future where will have to drink the most expensive wine at the same age, a future where will leave our parents and have our own apartment at the age of 18.

Brothers and sister 1900 USA were already enjoying the highest standard of living in the world, yet in the same year only 3% of homes in the country had electricity and 15% had indoor flush toilets. Disease like typhoid, dysentery, and cholera were a menace in the country, many children died before their first birthday, there were no modern appliances, woman were working 80 hours in the house; this needs to tell you that development in each country it’s a process which lays to you, me and us, African youth. My question is why are you living your countries to go to US, Europe, Asia? Maybe you are thinking to go and live a healthier, a good life of there, but think with me, if you decide to live now; tomorrow your friends follow, 10, 100, thousands and millions of youths follow you, now who is going to make or build your country if million of youth are leaving their respective countries?, 100 years back they were bad, they were worse than us, today, but through hard work and staying strong, they build their own nation, they are where there are now.

All that you want and need, it’s in your hands, and it’s you to decide to have it or not, God did not put you in that country without any reason, we all have a reason and purpose to live in our various country, by discovering the reason you are part of the transformation and development of your country and you will be better than how you would have been there where you are trying to go.

Many of my friends have chosen the path of dropping school after their last year of secondary school and deciding to go and look for better lives in Europe and America, their only way is to “lie”, not all some are indeed perscuted, my cousine was (persecuted) in Uvira, and go to camps in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, many of them that I know are now in , a camp in Kenya for now more than 5 years, and others in Uganda for 3, 4, 5 years and others seeing them having children and family in there., have you seen the recent Libya slavery trades?, well that should tell you something.

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Yes, we have problems in our countries, but running away from a problem is increasing it up, and staying is finding solutions for the problems and resolving the problem. Look at you 5, 6 years in a a prison in Libya or in a camp doing nothing, but chasing a chance to go in Europe; your friend who stayed in the country has now finished his 1st degree in University and maybe working but you still chasing the Europe dream, and do you have skills, to do some work once you are there, or you will just end up cleaning streets.

Am not disagreeing with you in finding better lives outside but am just opposing you in, leaving your country in the same nature, leave your country without a change and people will remember you for that change you have left, do not go and do years in a camp ending up losing everything, be like our great fathers Lumumba, Rwagasore, Kenyatta, Nkrumah, Khadafi and others, that’s the change we want you to live in your respective countries.

Africa has everything and according to research in years coming Africa will be an emerging continent in this planet and it needs you to arrive in that state, brothers and sisters, healthier, brighter lives belongs in your country, you can do something today that will transform tomorrow. Stay, stay, stay and benefit, transform and develop your own countries, if you go, go and study, borrow the knowledge and skills and after come back and we move forward our Africa, I know its good to move away from the comfort zone and come as a new person, with new ideas, and new ways of doing things, so don’t go and stay forever. go and come back in future.

Emmanuel Rusaka Aksanti

Your brother from D.R.C